Welcome to HyperCTF!

A cybersecurity competiton created for students

Register for the competition at game.hyperctf.net

Run by Students

HyperCTF is run by a team of 3 students for anyone who wants to compete in the competition

Powered by Facebook

The HyperCTF cybersecurity game is run on the FBCTF capture-the-flag framework


HyperCTF is accessible from all of your devices so you can play from anywhere in the world

What is a CTF?

A CTF, or capture-the-flag is a cybersecurity and computer science competition intended as practice to real life cyber-warfare scenarios that could potentially occur in the real world.

Next Game in 2020


The challenges in HyperCTF range from easy to hard so even if you don't know anything about cybersecurity you can still play and learn. HyperCTF challenges are also created with the players who have competed before in mind. Because of this we have created some very challenging challenges

The Team

Gabriel D.

Challenge Creator

Arjun B.

Challenge Creator

Sri K.

Challenge Creator

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